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I'm already happy so why do I need money?

August 31st, 2006 at 08:30 pm

I'm already happy. Why do I need as much money as some of my friends. Yeah I see them role up in that benz they paid cash for.. Never mind they live on a estate and have the business sense to buy and sell properties in dubai + the cash. Yet her house is a mess.. ectr ectr..

I'm happier then I have ever been. So why should I be jealous.. But I am. I hate to admit it.. but I am jealous.. Maybe its because I once lived in luxury. I wonder to myself why has God denied me some money why people I feel are less them me have more.. Or maybe that is the problem.... I am proud.. I think I'm better than everyone else.. Why do I deserve money. Surely the people in africa are much better people than me.. they are honest even when they are starving. So what gives me the right to think I deserve even the money that God has given me already. Why am I ungrateful for what I already have??

I am so blessed.. I am happy and have a great family! I am debt free! I eat more than enough which is evident by the roll in my tummy ( I need to lose that). My kids are healthy!

Yet here I am sitting here dreaming I am a millionaire.. buying properties in dubai.. england... and Makkah. I am jealous of my friend whose husband makes that kind of money. I am upset with my own husband for not pushing himself harder and making more money. I am upset that I have to stay home and watch the kids because I can't afford to start earning money. This must be wrong to think this way!

Nope I should be happy for what I have. I am sure it is alot more than most people. I should be happy for my friend and wish her the very best. After all I had the choice to have a happy family or money. And I chose a happy family!

Which is why I guess having choices really bites. You buy a house.. and afterwards you look down the street and say.. oh I should have gone for that house .. its only 10,000 more.

You buy a car and you think... why did I buy this car?

YOu have kids and you think I should have waited just a lil longer and saved more money! And got on an excercise regime.

1 Responses to “I'm already happy so why do I need money?”

  1. henry Says:

    Ahhhhhhh yes. Age old fears. Age old questions. Sound like a case of keeping up with the Joneses pulling at you. I understand your frustration. Lots of people do. Unfortunately it within our nature to envy others around us. You already recognize your happy and blessed to have family, health and no debt. I'll bet your most of your friends can't make that claim (at least about the debt). Just keep going with your life, be a good muslim, honor your fellow human beings and I just have a nice life.

    Things come and go. Family and health is what's most important. Not sure if that helps.

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