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It was another trip to London 75 in petrol Uggg

August 29th, 2006 at 09:33 am

Okay I have been trying to stick to this budget thing .. I am a bit upset with myself.

I bought my daughter a dvd players for the car.. I feel bad about spending that much money.. HOwever I still feel it was a must have item.... She didn't cry the whole trip.. and we didn't have to stop the car.. Yeah.. It cut our driving time down to 4 hours rather than 6 hours.

I am a bit annoyed at my husbands father though. I mean.. why can't he come to visit me over here. It is so hard to travel with 2 kids.. one is a baby.

Oh yeah.. well he seems to have some paranoia problem about leaving the house and would not even leave to go shopping for food when we were there..

My husband is worried about his dad.. cuz we live so far away. But to change jobs is very difficult.. especially with house prices in london. We can barely afford a place where we live now. And my mother in law would need to sell her house and relocate in hertfordshire.. or something because she has a heart condition and we couldn't leave her by herself down here.

My father in law has a wife but he is so tight with his money.. that she only visits him a few times a year.. and mostly lives between american and pakistan. His house is old and disgusting. everything is 20 years old. and the carpet is so dirty that my baby has black knees! The kitchen is a wreck.. the vacuum doesn't work anymore.. and the wall paper is falling off the walls. Talk about the tightest person that I know. And when I arrived he was eating a tin of spinich mixed with some beans and chicken cubes. Yuck. It wasn't even cooked. I feel sorry for the old man.. I just pray he sells up and moves down here some day.

So thats 75 on gas.. just to london..
and 100 towards my journey to heaven hopefully.

4 Responses to “It was another trip to London 75 in petrol Uggg”

  1. Sarah Says:

    I'm curious any idea how many miles this was round trip?

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    This man may have dementia. He may be afraid if he leaves the house he will get lost. Some of the things you have described sound very much like the mid-stages of Alzheimer's. Your husband is a doctor, he should check up on this.

  3. ummabdullah Says:

    Umm I think its 800 miles round trip to London from my house in the north east of england. They hubby was travelling at about 100 miles per hour so we could get there before the kids gave me a hard time in the back seat.

    MM well he has been like this most of his life actually. Although my husband told my mother in law and it seems to be getting worse. So far my father in law is okay. Its more like a paranoia that has always been there mildly and just becoming worse as he is alone so often. He hasn't regressed in any way and he is the best person to talk to. I think my mother in law always had a difficult time with my father in law because of this issue though. So it is not entirely new. She just used to control every move he made.. and that helped her out a bit. Now he doesn't have any women who can control him. And he's been alone too long.

  4. ummabdullah Says:

    update.. it seems that most old people get a bit of alzeimers.. according to the hubby. Usually very very mild.. and unfortunately the only ones you hear about are those who are severe stages


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