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I spent money! Oh no!

August 26th, 2006 at 10:53 am

Okay my husband and I spent a few bobs today. It is for a good cause. We often take the 6 hour trip to London on the weekends with the children to see my in laws. My father in law lives all by himself and he is very lonely. Unfortunately he refuses to take the trip to see us which would be easier.. Will I go senile when I get his age?? I hope not!
So we bought hayaat (my 2 1/2 year old) one of those portable dvd players. So she can watch this education abc program and tumble tots ( I ordered from america and love it they don't have stuff like that out here) I'm looking for blues clues at the moment.

that cost about 75 with vat.
We also need to buy a car seat.. or booster seat.. So far I have only seen 2 options.. 150 and 100 options.

The other booster seats.. didn't recline.. and I am not happy that my lil one will be so uncomfortable. Whats the point of saving if not for my children anyhow. She's an investment.. cuz she will get older and take care of mummy and daddy.. like a good girl. She's my pension.. I'm going to make sure she's a doctor and the brother is a business man Wink.

Okay so the other booster seats are only 40. Yet she is only 2 and half and she falls asleep and its so uncomfortable. When I was a kid.. I remember just spreading out in the backseat.. No seat belts required in those days..

Now the poor kids have to use them until they are 11. What is a parent to do who travels alot??

I'll be looking for a good deal. Smile
70 portable dvd player
10 on food

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