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oops already went over my budget

August 24th, 2006 at 12:13 pm

Well not really actually I am already under budget at the moment anyway..

However, I promised my friends lil girl that I would buy something for her. Her mother just had a baby and as per culture.. we have to visit and drop off a present.. I feel it is unfair to the other children so I try to get 1 child each a present..

So she mentioned today that her she needed to go school shopping for the kids uniforms. So I offered to buy her daughter a pair of school shoes.. Except I didn't realize they would cost me 30.
That okay though.. I did it as a charity and that is just as important as saving money is to me..

My little girl was upset though.. she wanted a pair of black boots too.. oh and a baby that talks..

I didn't buy her anything.. besides she doesn't need anything at the moment... and with my powers of investigation I am sure to find her several name brand really cute shoes at bargain prices.

I did however find some oilily shorts for lil ones at tk maxx. Cost me 4 for both of them.. and i'll just sell them on ebay for a fiver each.. Oilily is this name brand dutch design that can be found in harrods or harvey nichols. I bought loads of it for my lil one and I fell in love.. that is until I started saving money Wink.

The hubby and I found a great toyota prius for only 7,900. Hybrid cars will really save me loads on gas. Except someone beat me too and put a down payment on the car.. and are test driving it on friday. I really hope they don't like it.. so we can buy it..
Other wise.. we'll just have to suffer with 200-250 a month in gas.. umm thats $380-475 us dollars.. a bloody month

Such is life.. I think its more important to move into a good area where my children will be happy.

30 shoes
5 Ice cream and toothpaste (calm my daughters screams over not having any shoes too)
4 oilily shorts.. (will make a 6 profit)

Still doing well with my menu.. though.. I am proud of myself so far..

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