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Making it work!

August 24th, 2006 at 05:08 pm

I;m making it work.. been reading posts and blogs all day and this site is inspiring me.

I feel so ready to go out there and make some money.. Patience patience

I can't wait to save as much as possible. I plan on looking at any investments and stock option.. with companies who do not use interest loans..Its going to be a challange.. but I think me and the hubby really need a pension plan going..

Still need to budget for the kids education, and weddings..

I would like to buy a house for both of my children.. After they live with me a few years and save up some money too.. Wedding are expensive.. because I would ike to make sure my daughter is financially sorted before she is chained to a man the rest of her life. Call me a sexist.. but I think men are thick! I might just look for an orphan I can control that way he treats her right lol..

Guess parents can't choose who the children love can they?

4 Responses to “Making it work!”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    Umm - is that correct, can I call you Umm?

    I have said the exact same thing many and many a time. My boys will marry orphans and that way they'll always be home for the holidays!

    Great start on your blog!!

  2. princessperky Says:

    No you can't pick, but you can help them see what is neccessary in a spouse..might not follow it, but we can try!

    I know so many people who take abuse form their spouse then are supprised when their kids marry the same kind of man..(not saying anything against your husband)

    I also know many men who 'joke' about women as not equals in varying degrees..then their sons take it to heart..(again not suggesting anything about your husband)

    I often talk to my kids about what is unnacceptable when we see it (in the real world, in a stroy, or in a movie) not only do I want my husband and I to be an example of love and support, I also want them to see specificly what will not be tolorated.

    No guarantees, but it wont hurt to try! (after all I can't guarantee my newest will be potty trained early, but it wont hurt to let him use a potty now)

  3. koppur Says:

    Welcome to the blogs! Smile

  4. ummabdullah Says:

    Thank you lux living and koppur for your compliments. I am glad to join the savings club around here.

    Yeah princess.. Some people do give kids such mixed messages. I am actually worried about my lil girl because she is so bossy.. Is it a reflection of her mother ?? I hope not! I am definately worried about when she becomes a teenager. She is already bossing everyone around.. what will happen when she gets older. She likes everything in its exact place. She hates any sort of mess. And she gets upset when something changes. My mother in law is like that. so I think it runs in the veins. lol..

    Cute lil miss though princess. You would really like her. Very well behaved and what the boys around here call "a bonnie lil lass." I am as misbehaved as they come so I don't know how it happened really. I've always been rebellious. But I guess her father is rubbing off on her. lol

    So tell me how your homeschooling is going? I have some future plans in that area and it really interests me.

    kind regards

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