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August 13th, 2006 at 08:04 am

Okay after doing some research into tax credits in the UK .. I proposed to my law abiding husband that I divorce him...

Keep the house we live in.. claim benefits..and child tax credit..

while he buys me a house in the kids school catchment area.. I figured I could come close to saving an extra 1,000 a month..

but my husband didn't go for it.. He said he's too law abiding..He's a doctor and they need to be trustworthy people.. and besides he doesn't like the idea of divorce anyway.. I'm trapped and their is no way out LOL>>>

Then we were talking this morning.. a neighbor of my mother in law drives a mercedes and lives in a house identical to hers.. about 450,000 close to a million us dollars.. and he is a decorator..
He told my husband he has a family run company.. and doesn't report the majority of his taxes.. and gave my hubby a wink..

Pissed me off when the other day the plumber came and wanted to charge me 300-400 to install a new combination boiler in the same place as the old one.. My husband doesn't even make that much as a doctor for 1 day in this country.. Plus the plumber won't report all of his income to the tax man this year..

I was reading a very reliable book that said the max a plumber should cost to install a new boiler is 250 for a days work.

I vote for a system that all work undertaken on a persons home in the UK should be reported.. and the cost of such work. That way construction industries cannot charge consumers extortionate rates and still get away with taxes.

I am currently looking into any plumbing courses I could take myself.. and start fixing up my own house..

1,300 is just too much money when your trying to save. And I am not allowed to commit fraud ;(.. so I don't think anyone else should too.

2 Responses to “Fraud!”

  1. sarah4554 Says:

    I think plumbing courses are a great idea. I try to do as much as I can on my own. I even go as far as having plumbers/contractors come to the home and give me an estimate I ask a lot of questions take their itemized estimate and do it myself.

    The only time we ever paid to have work done on our home was by a husband and wife team from Canada. They were the hardest workest I have ever seen. They brought their own lunches and took about a fifteen minute break to eat it and then back to work they never left at all during the day just left at night to head home. After about two days of working on the house I pulled the wife aside and mentioned that going all day without going to the bathroom was something I probably couldn't do. She said that when she got home that was the first thing she did but she didn't want to impose by going into someone's house and asking to use the toilet. Bless her heart I told her to come into my house at anytime during the day when ever she need anything!

    You don't find many hard honest workers like them! I always recommend them to anyone in my area that needs work done.

  2. ima saver Says:

    My husband is a builder and Iknow what you mean. He works for $25 an hour, so when someone comes to my house and works fifteen minutes on my a/c and then charges me $150, it makes me mad too. Thank goodness my husband can do almost everything, including plumbing and electrical!! (But not air conditioners)

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